o som da alma

1) O som é a presença integral e manifesta do sagrado.
2) Torne-se quem você nasceu para ser, torne-se músico.
3) A música abre o céu (Baudelaire).
4) Play is pray.

terça-feira, 21 de setembro de 2010

Repertório Rock ´n Roll

1)Europa (Santana)
2)Bad love (Eric Clapton)
3)Cocaine (Eric Clapton)
4)Sunshine of your love (Cream)
5)Day Tripper (Beatles)
6)Mob Dick (Led Zeppelin)
7)Rock ´roll (Led Zeppelin)
8)Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
9)War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
10)Born to be wild (Stephen Wolf)
11)All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix)
12)Purple Haze (Hendrix)
13)Red House (Hendrix)
14)Hey Joe (Hendrix)
15)Voodoo Child (Hendrix)
16)Smoke on the water (Deep Purple)
17)Come Together (Beatles)
18)Sweet child o mine (Guns and Roses)
19)Toxi city (System of a down)
20)Creep (Radiohead)
21)More than words (Extreme)
22)Show must go on (Queen)
23)Love of my life (Queen)
24)Still loving you (Scorpions)
25)Owner of a lonely heart (yes)
26)Every rose has its thorn (Poison)
27)Have you ever see the rain (creedence clearwater revival)
28)suzie Q (creedence clearwater revival)
29)Beat it (Michael jackson)
30)Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
31)Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
32)Angie (Rolling Stones)
33)Jump jack flash (Rolling Stones)
34)Pride and Joy (Steve Ray Vaughan)
35)Money (Pink Floyd)

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